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Save Time and Money with Server Virtualization

Server virtualization sets up one server as the host of multiple, independent guest virtual machines. The host server and virtual machines are controlled by hypervisor software, which ensures the virtual machines have the resources they need. The hypervisor software allows you to move an entire virtual machine onto another server just as you would copy a file or transfer data via a portable USB device.

Save Time

Server virtualization saves you time in 3 major ways.
First, it simplifies and automates a number of basic tasks such as daily performance management, storage allocation, load balancing, RAID configuration, and data backups and restoration.
Second it also simplifies modifications like upgrading or downgrading server memory, hard drives, or processing power. Instead of having to go to a server room and work with physical components, you can work with the hypervisor software. You can also provision new servers in minutes, not hours—reducing time by as much as 60 percent.
Third, it makes shifting workloads from one virtual machine to another a breeze. Transferring an app from one physical server to another could take up to 100 hours, from installing the appropriate operating system and application to configuring (or reconfiguring) the server and application. With a virtual server, it could take minutes up to a couple of hours—including testing.

Save Money
Server virtualization can also result in significant IT cost savings. By transitioning from a “one server, one function” architecture to a virtualized server environment, you can run as many as 10 apps on a single server, and increase your server’s utilization up to seven times or more. This slashes your hardware requirements to approximately 1/10 of what they are now, which in turn reduces hardware maintenance costs by up to 50 percent, and energy costs by up to 80 percent. All of this savings, plus the time saved in basic server tasks and provisioning, translates into IT funds that are now available for strategic projects.

The experts with NSC Information Technology Group understand every aspect of server virtualization. We offer IT consulting to help you plan and seamlessly transition your physical servers and their workloads into a virtual server environment. For more information on server virtualization, contact NSC Information Technology Group today.

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