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Computer Forensic Investigation Services

Computer ForensicsBusinesses safeguard against hackers, computer viruses, natural disasters, and against lawsuits — but rarely do they plan for when the cause of these threats comes from within. When an employee is working against the company or is engaged in illegal activity such as fraud, child pornography, espionage, or simply spending work time visiting adult porn sites like m-porn.xxx or betting sites etc. it can be difficult to acquire the digital evidence required for legal purposes or so that you can carry out disciplinary procedures if they haven’t broken the law but have gone against company policies.
NSC Information Technology Group offers electronic discovery, computer forensic investigation services and IT consulting to answer when, where, why, how, and who is involved.

Why is Computer Forensics Necessary?

In today’s technological world, everything is logged on computers — changes to files, email log-ins, and much more. Investigation and analysis techniques are used to gather and preserve evidence from a particular computing device. Audit trails are also established, so if the matter is taken to court, every step of the process can be presented as evidence.

Computer forensics can help recover deleted data. This may be the very thing you need to save your business during a civil litigation or fraud allegations. Computer forensics not only serves to protect your business against poor computer usage, but also against unlawful activity.

Computer forensics can be used to identify unauthorized access, find if files have been illegally copied, discover torrent site usage, access to porn websites like https://www.tubev.sex/ ja and more. It can also be used for more innocent purposes, such as gathering standard employee usage patterns and determining where productivity can be increased.

Why outsource?

Having an in-house computer forensics team is much like having a lawyer on retainer at all times — expensive and with a lot of overhead. IT outsourcing solves this problem by giving you a dedicated, expert team without the cost of hiring new employees. You will have a managed IT team at your fingertips to help solve any network security issues that may arise. It is always important to get a professional to have a look at your computer, if you would like to consider some computer repairs then you may want to check out Steve’s World of Business, who is a professional that will help you with your computer and IT needs just in case you do not have the facilities of a specialist at home.

In addition to network support, NSC Information Technology Group offers backup and disaster recovery options with several levels of redundancy. In a worst case scenario, you will still be able to quickly restore your business operations to pre-disaster efficiency.

Computer forensics are used to perform a step-by-step investigation while documenting evidence to determine exactly what happened on a computer, as well as who was responsible. This chain of evidence will help to protect your company in the event of a lawsuit, as well as provide support during legal proceedings. Our computer forensics team are experts at electronic discovery. If there is something hiding within the data of your systems, we will find it. Our IT consulting team will provide network support and help you set up a plan of action should you ever need computer forensics.

It is far better to be safe than sorry. Contact NSC Information Technology Group today and take precautionary actions. By implementing safeguards today, you will be prepared if the worst happens tomorrow.

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