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Managed IT Services and Consulting

Rather than operating on the standard ‘break-fix’ policy that so many business have, it is vital in todays competitive marketplace to be proactive and identify problems. With managed IT services, our team evaluates your network, identifies potential pitfalls, and corrects them before they arise.

Cyber & Network Security Support

All networks need periodic administrative maintenance. By outsourcing your network support needs to the NSC Information Technology Group, you are relieved of the challenges of identifying and resolving network problems. This allows you to focus on the core task of running your business.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Should a natural disaster or devastating malicious attack occur, proprietary information is vulnerable. By incorporating redundancy plans, your data is stored in multiple locations so that it can be quickly restored should your system be compromised.

Cloud Integration Services

The cloud has been a revolution in the IT field. With nearly-instantaneous syncing of devices across an entire network, cloud integration improves collaboration and sharing of data between employees and different departments.

Project Management

IT project management includes but is not limited to overseeing projects for hardware installations, cloud computing, software development, virtualization rollouts, data management and business analytics. These managed IT initiatives require precise planning and coordination.

Audio/Video Conferencing

A/V conferencing is a necessity in the modern business world. Busy executives no longer have time to travel to and from the airport and spend entire weeks traveling to meetings for topics that can easily be handled through a video conference.

Computer Forensics

In today’s world, businesses do not want critical data to be vulnerable to malicious attacks. Our network security team will evaluate the current level of security within your company, identify weak points, and implement solutions to better secure your network.

Structured Cabling

Unless your comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure is properly implemented, you may face difficulty identifying problem points when hardware and processes fail. Our structured cabling team will ensure your network is configured to industry standards and installed properly for easy maintenance.

Professional IT Services in Houston

There is not just one single type of IT today. Businesses today require a multitude of IT services to satisfy the needs of their users and customers. The challenge for Houston area businesses is finding a single provider for them. NSC Information Technology Group is a Houston based company that has the skill sets and knowledge base in the most highly desired IT services that organizations need today. (+)

Innovative IT Infrastructure & Support Solutions

Our Philosophy

NSC Information Technology Group services small to enterprise size companies. No longer is IT support limited to Fortune 500 groups; as we push forward into the new technology-centric world, it is vital that smaller companies implement efficient and reliable infrastructure to remain competitive.

Our Experience

NSC Information Technology Group is a Houston-based network support and development company. Our employees are certified network engineers who specialize in managed IT services that are important to small and medium sized companies.

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