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The Biggest Network Security Mistake We Make

Every day we read about the horror stories of failures in network security. DDoS attacks, high-level breaches, successful hacks of supposedly expert institutions. And we wonder, “What should I be doing to make my business more secure?”

We consider changing internet service providers. We wonder about high-end routers. We might even look at VPN services. But, the truth is, the best thing we can do to secure our privacy, our transactions, and our transactions is something very simple. But, paradoxically, it is something most of us are quite reluctant to do. It is to regularly change passwords while maintaining good password security.

I know, I know. Maintaining a separate, hard-to-remember password for the innumerable places we have to log in every day seems like a terrifically hard task. But ask yourself what you would rather do: deal with password security, or deal with months of jumping through hoops with banks, clients, and business partners trying to clean up your operations and reputation?

Luckily, the solutions aren’t that difficult. Password maintenance software is cheap and easy to come by, and can maintain passwords across your computers, tablets, and cell phones. A list of passwords on a text file on your biometric-secured cell phone will do in a pinch. Even an old-school “black book” handwritten notebook kept secured in a desk is a better alternative than using the same easy password multiple times across the internet.

Just like home security, the idea is not to make your business 100% impenetrable to hacking attacks. It is to make the effort of figuring out each of your secure passwords not worth the effort to the hackers and bad actors out there. Do what you can to keep yourself and your operations safe, and let the scammers and hackers leave you alone while they look for easier targets.

NSC Information Technology Group can help you train employees how to use a best-practices approach to password creation and maintenance. Contact us today for more information.

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