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Connect Cloud and On-Site Apps with Integration Platforms as a Service (iPaaS)

Your business is probably using some cloud-based software. You may still have some software that runs on-site. Each of these programs is like an island in an archipelago.

It may seem easiest to build individual, custom bridges between app islands using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), but these require time and resources. Some apps have native, in-app integrations–but these usually will only work with a few certain apps (islands). Other app islands are left isolated. And what about when traffic increases?

You can only build so many bridges between apps before you end up with “spaghetti architecture” that’s inflexible, not scalable, and difficult to maintain–even if you had resources to maintain them.

The solution is Integration Platforms as a Service (iPaas). iPaaS is a cloud-based software that allows you to integrate on-site and cloud apps, as well as new mobile apps and older legacy apps.

An iPaas implementation can connect your app islands and ensure users on both app islands see the same data. For example, your CRM has information about client “ABC Company,” while your bookkeeping app’s database includes customer “ABC Company” and expenses for them. iPaaS connects the apps, lists data about “ABC Company” in both, and automatically synchronizes it.

iPaaS was designed with small and medium-sized businesses in mind. Multiple customers share the same instance of software, cutting system and maintenance costs. The vendor manages hardware, maintenance, and security.

No matter your company’s size, if you have multiple apps, business platforms, and data storage devices, iPaaS can help you. The more complex your system, the more valuable iPaaS can be. iPaaS can grow with you—with no patches, code, or fixes required for your apps to continue to communicate with each other.

NSC Information Technology Group can help you implement iPaaS in your company. We offer IT consulting services to determine your company’s needs and to develop a plan for using iPaaS to integrate your company’s cloud and on-site operations.

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