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Cyber Security: Defending against Hacker Attacks

More than 40% of cyber attacks target small businesses. More than half of businesses attacked go out of business within 6 months. How can you defend your company against these threats?

#1 Recognize you are a target. Hackers want your valuable data—and assume it’s undefended. Assume you’re already in their crosshairs.

#2 Start with the basics. Protect each computer by automating software updates and using antivirus and antispyware software. Keep your network secure and hidden. Use firewalls and spam filters for an extra layer of defense.

#3 Minimize the data you store. Store the minimum amount of data—for the least amount of time possible.

#4 Trust no one (on your network). View every user as a threat until they are verified. Verify, then trust.

#5 Use the cloud as much as possible to minimize your cyber footprint. Move to the cloud and use the security configurations available.

#6 Train employees in order to minimize data breaches. Teach them to recognize phishing, use strong passwords, and how to handle lost or stolen devices.

#7 Tighten password security. Require unique passwords, reset them every 90 days, and consider two-factor authentication—easy self-defense move that hackers hate.

#8 Realize that credit card information is golden to hackers. Use your strongest tools to secure your payment system. Don’t surf the internet on the computer you use to process payments.

For help in defending your company’s data and assets against cyber criminals, contact NSC Information Technology Group. We can help you optimize your network and device security. We can also train your employees in a best-practices approach to cybersecurity.

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