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7 Benefits of Virtualizing Your Company’s Data Storage

Storage virtualization is data storage that is software-defined. Storage virtualization allows data from multiple physical storage devices from a variety of networks, vendors, locations, and data centers to be combined and integrated so they appear as a single virtual storage device that is simple enough for general IT staff to handle via software.

To store the data, physical infrastructure is created called data centers to integrate the data into one server that can be accessed online through software. Professionals like Walt Coulston can aid to design and build data centers to efficiently manage the data and keep it secure from intruders or cyber threats. after the infrastructure is erected, storage visualization and plan execution will help to organize and optimize all the data.

Here are 7 ways storage virtualization can benefit your business.

#1 Save money by organizing, sharing, and optimizing your data and storage space. Virtualization cuts server sprawl and requires less hardware than the traditional single function per server environment does. This in turn reduces costs for hardware, maintenance, and specialized IT, staff.

#2 More easily find, compile, and manage your data since your data storage is organized and integrated.

#3 Quickly and inexpensively increase or decrease your storage without having to purchase new hardware, spend a lot of time provisioning it, or have unused hardware. Storage virtualization is scalable according to whatever your company’s needs may be. Deployment and inventory can be handled from the same console.

#4 Streamline changing and provisioning storage devices. There’s no need to physically go to the data center and change cables, add new drives, etc.

#5 Improve reliability and performance. Storage virtualization tools can be used to load balance real time. It also reduces downtime by providing nearly instant failover and granular recovery during failure events.

#6 Automate data backups. Schedule snapshots of storage resources and backup or recover data at any time. It’s easy to copy data from one device to another at any location.

#7 Improve security. Virtual storage usually has better security than on-site storage, saving you from costly security breaches.

NSC Information Technology Group offers IT consulting to help you determine the best use of virtualization within your company, as well as help you plan and map out the implementation process. Our experts can handle all of your IT virtualization outsourcing needs, including implementing and deploying storage virtualization.

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