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The Top 5 Mistakes Companies Make When Backing Up Data

Backing up your company’s data can help you when someone accidentally deletes or damages a document. Backups are also critical to your company’s ability to recover from disasters.

But it can be challenging to ensure they are available–and complete–when you need them. Below are the top 5 backup mistakes companies make. These mistakes result in backups that are incomplete or missing entirely, leaving you unprepared when disasters strike.

#1 Not backing up your files at all. This is the most common mistake.

#2 Believing a data loss event can’t happen to you. It can—and it will at some point. Whether it’s theft, a cyberattack, a power surge, hardware failure, human error, fire, flooding, or an earthquake, you will experience a loss of data sooner or later. Either protect your data or struggle to get it back—if you can get any back at all.

#3 Not automating the backup process. Backups are low priority, tedious jobs that are easy to postpone or skip. If you automate them, they’ll get done.

#4 Storing the backup on the same hardware—at the same location—as the original files. If something damages your regular hardware, the backup is damaged as well. The backup is supposed to be safe from any damage that might occur at your site’s data center. Your backup should be saved at a separate location or in the cloud.

#5 Irregular, infrequent backups. If you need to restore data from your last backup, and it was made 2 weeks ago, that’s what you have to work with—and you lose 2 weeks of data. How much work can you afford to lose? That’s how often you should back up.

The network and security support experts with NSC Information Technology Group will help you create a reliable data backup plan to ensure no information is ever lost. We can also help you create a disaster recovery plan to ensure your business will survive no matter what may occur. In the event of an emergency, we can also help restore your business to working order.

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