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Save Money on the Latest Network & Storage Technology with Infrastructure as a Service Cloud Integration

Are you using cloud-based software? Considering a move to the cloud? Interested in saving money on hardware? One type of cloud service to consider is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

What is IaaS?

With IaaS, you can rent virtual servers for memory, storage, and networking capacity from a cloud service for a monthly or annual subscription fee. This allows you to replace an on-site data center—or gives you access to a virtual one without having to invest in the equipment yourself.

IaaS packages vary with each provider, but usually your service provider supplies and manages the virtualized hardware, cloud storage, network capacity, and servers you need. They usually also provide system maintenance, security, and may also include data backup services.


Your company could use IaaS to outsource or create a virtual data center, host websites, store data, manage security videos, support web apps, and develop and test applications.

Advantages of IaaS

IaaS provides scalability, flexibility, and best-in-class technology while saving time and money.

IaaS allows you scale up or down easily depending on your needs or seasonal demands such as the holidays.

IaaS also offers more and easier customization than an on-site system. Use your service’s dashboard or an API to change features. Rapidly and easily add, remove, or modify components even though you don’t own the hardware.

IaaS brings four types of best-in-class technology normally available only to larger firms into the reach of small and medium-sized businesses–for the cost of a subscription, without significant capital expenses for equipment or upfront infrastructure costs.

   First, a start-of-the-art data center, hardware, and operating system technology.

   Second, top-quality security technology and expertise.

   Third, the opportunity to easily leverage application program interfaces (APIs) to better integrate your cloud software and any legacy systems.

   Fourth, an environment that minimizes downtime from outages. IaaS enables instant recovery.

Lastly, IaaS can also free up valuable IT staff for revenue-producing or higher priority projects. Your IT resources don’t have to spend time setting up equipment, training users, maintaining equipment, or managing infrastructure.

NSC Information Technology Group offers IT consulting services to determine your company’s needs and lay out a business plan for how to best integrate Infrastructure as a Service within your existing cloud operations, including ensuring the safety of your network and files.

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