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The Security Hole We Don’t See: Mobile Devices

Our impressions of data security tend to be focused on “big” items. Servers, routers, and international communication networks all seem to occupy the majority of the attention pertaining to security. But there are actually many more security holes in the average business than most are aware of. Take a look at the device in your hand or on the desk next to you—you’re looking at one of the biggest potential security holes in your business.

Mobile devices include things like laptops, tablets, and even mobile phones. Laptops these days are essentially no different from desktop computers in their capabilities, albeit laptops you can put into your bag and take with you to the coffee shop. There are a host of best practices that should be used to secure any desktop in your business, and they should all be utilized with your laptops as well.

For smaller mobile devices, however…we tend to not think too hard about security for them. And this is a mistake. How often do you check your business email on your phone? Draft company documents on your tablet? Use either of them for communications that should generally be considered “secure”? If you ever do any of these things (and most of us do) you need to be concerned about securing these devices.

One of the most common types of mobile device security is biometrics. Whether facial recognition or fingerprint scanners, the latest mobile operating systems have excellent security capabilities. The problem arises when users look at these practices as a “hassle.” Instead of utilizing biometric security, they use easily guessed passcodes or, even worse, short numeric codes. 

Secondly, many fail to keep their devices regularly updated. This means that not only are these devices lacking the latest and greatest in security, but they may be vulnerable to discovered security holes that have since been addressed by patches and updates. Access to regular maintenance updates is critical to keeping your small devices secure.

NSC Information Technology Group knows all the ins and out of IT security—for traditional as well as mobile devices. If you want to ensure that your business is maintaining best practices and protecting your valuable data, make sure to reach out to them at http://www.nscitgroup.com/ today, and get started on developing a security plan for these “forgotten” holes in your enterprise security. 

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