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IT Backup and Recovery FAQs.

Like rental insurance and dental hygiene, backups are one of those subjects that everyone avoids even though they should probably be paying more attention to them. So, let’s just dive in and talk about the most common questions pertaining to everyone’s least favorite subject.

First question: do I really need backups?
Well, how important are your transactions, client records, and critical business data? If the answer is anything other than “Not at all,” then yes, you need to have a backup plan. And you also need a data restoration plan and disaster recovery plan as well, and you need to test them all on a regular basis.

Next, how often do I need to backup?
Again, how often are you producing something worth not losing? The average business is doing something every day: transactions, lead generation, or correspondence. If you want to make sure you have access to all of that work tomorrow, it is best to be sure you are backing up today.

So, what is the best method for saving my backups?
Here, at least, there is a little flexibility. The tried and true method of using a backup system with some kind of removable media has become a bit passe these days. More and more businesses are moving to cloud-based services for their backups. Cloud-based services have the benefits of automatic offsite dispersed storage, they require no in-house staff to monitor, and they have the benefit of being a “Set it and forget it” solution, at least until something goes wrong and you need to restore all of last week’s sales transactions.

NSC Information Technology Group specializes in assisting businesses like yours in developing and implementing a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan. Contact them today, and stop worrying about whether or not your critical data is protected.

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