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Is your business getting the most out of the cloud? Integrate your cloud applications for optimal efficiency.

Cloud-based software applications such as Microsoft’s Office 365, Gmail, Dropbox, and Salesforce are now widely used. Your business probably uses these or other cloud-based applications to carry out mission-critical functions and store data in the cloud.

You’ve moved to the cloud. But are you really getting the most out of it? Are your cloud applications working well together? Sharing data seamlessly?

While cloud applications usually function well independently, they don’t often integrate well with one another right out of the box. And they usually don’t integrate well with any legacy non-cloud technology you’re using. Even apps that claim to integrate with other apps may only be capable of emailing the other app, not transferring or exchanging data. The capacity is there—but it requires some IT skill to activate and utilize it.

Cloud apps can be integrated and connected using an application programming interface (API). An app’s API specifies how the app’s components should interact with another app, including the data that is transferred and any actions that should be triggered. An API allows a user to access the capabilities of an app (or on-site software) from within another app—for example, accessing DropBox from within Slack. But not all APIs are created equal. Nor can you assume that the APIs for the apps you have will interface well without any adjustments. And most APIs need to be configured by someone with specific IT skills.

If your business doesn’t have IT staff with the necessary skills and time to optimize your cloud apps, outsourcing may be a good way to meet your needs. It’s also a good idea if you don’t have enough work—or the budget—to hire additional permanent IT staff. By outsourcing, you can get the IT staff with the specialized skills that you need for your cloud app integration project without having to search for qualified staff or hire them permanently. Some well-coordinated work can yield a lot of efficiency for your business.

The experts with NSC Information Technology Group can help. We offer comprehensive cloud migration and application integration outsourcing services. We have the experience to ensure your APIs are optimally configured so you get the most value and highest performance out of the apps that you have. Your apps will do more than just share data—they will connect, work well, and cooperate.

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