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Get the most out of your servers with server virtualization

Are you getting the most out of your servers?

Whether they are remote or on-site, most physical servers are underutilized. In traditional server provisioning, one server has one assignment—so it often operates at only 5 to 10% of its capacity. This results in an overabundance of underutilized servers. Server virtualization allows you to use your servers much more efficiently. By converting your servers into virtual machines that run separately from the underlying hardware, you can increase individual server utilization to 75% or more.

How does it work?

Hypervisor software lets one server host multiple guest virtual machines—each of which can have their own operating system. One server is virtually partitioned into multiple, independent virtual machines, much like a PC’s hard drive can be partitioned into several volumes (virtual hard drives)., This allows you to increase your server’s utilization up to seven-fold or more, while also reducing the related costs for hardware, maintenance, and energy.

The hypervisor software controls the interface between the virtual machines and the underlying physical hardware. It coordinates the virtual machines and ensures they have the resources they need and don’t infringe on other virtual machines’ memory. The hypervisor software also allows you to quickly and easily move a virtual machine onto another server—much like copying a file—making application backup and recovery a snap. It’s similar to transferring data via a portable USB drive.

Is it right for you?

You should consider server virtualization if you have more than 1 and especially if you have 3 or more servers. You should also consider it if you need to replace or upgrade your servers or if you’re planning an application upgrade. It would also be a good way to improve your disaster recovery readiness.

The experts with NSC Information Technology Group understand every aspect of server virtualization. We offer IT consulting to help you determine the best use of virtualization within your company and help you map out the planning and implementation process. We can also help you seamlessly transition your physical servers and their workloads into a virtual server environment. Contact NSC Information Technology Group today for more information on server virtualization.

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