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Cloud Integration Services: How Software as a Service (SaaS) Simplifies Software Ownership & Offers Vast Variety

SaaS is not the way your teenager replies to you when asked to take out the trash. As it turns out, SaaS, or “Software As A Service,” represents a new archetype in data management and business operations. Here are a few things to help demystify the potential role of cloud integration services in your business.

First off, you are already using SaaS even if you don’t know it yet. Cloud-based apps are everywhere—from your calendar, to your email, to the list of contacts that appears not only on your phone but on your desktop at home as well. Even Microsoft Office these days is available as a SaaS platform, with the advent of Office 365. This ensures reliability, ease of backups and file access, and the ability to access your data from multiple devices—frequently even smartphones and tablets.

Secondly, SaaS really simplifies the process of software ownership. Instead of buying physical copies of each software package for each user in your enterprise, you instead buy a yearly subscription to the software in question for your users. There is very little installation and configuration on your end—the majority of the innards of the software live on a server with your service provider. Sometimes there will be a minimal front-end installed on the client’s PC, but more and more these packages are accessed via a web browser.

Lastly, there is really no limit to the types of software available through the SaaS model. If you can think of a job, there is probably a SaaS app for it. Everything is available from the usual suspects like word processing and spreadsheets to project management and database development. But so are collaboration, retail sales, inventory, web development, and photography apps to name a few. All without buying expensive hardware, developing your own apps, or needing to learn complicated new interfaces.

NSC Information Technology Group represents SaaS expertise at the highest level and can help direct your business toward the suite of apps that would best serve your business needs. Let them educate you on the potential cost savings, ease of use, and 24/7 support available as a SaaS customer. You can contact NSC Information Technology Group and get started today on your SaaS journey.


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