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Benefits of Network Virtualization for Small Businesses

“Virtualization” is all the rage these days. It seems every other IT conversation is full of references to distributed computing and “the cloud.” But does it really make sense to move all our IT operations out of our offices? Sure, we would no longer have to buy servers of our own…but what, exactly, are the other benefits of network virtualization for a small business?

First is data security and management. We all have heard the horror story of how losing that one file crippled a business for days or longer. With virtualization, the “files” exist in the cloud—protected and backed up, available for recovery should anything go wrong. It also allows consolidated management of all your data, without files being scattered across desktops, laptops, and even in some cases home computers. Virtualization places all of your company’s critical data at your fingertips and eliminates the need for hours of detective work to find the right file.

This brings us to portability and scalability. We live in a world where we can check our balances with our cell phones and pay for our morning coffee on iPads. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that kind of freedom of access to your network and apps? Virtualization provides just that. And when your business expands, getting access to your new workforce is as simple as contacting your service provider and asking for additional capacity.

Lastly, management and analytics. With a software as a service (“SaaS”) business model, most of your software management headaches disappear overnight. Updates, user support, and troubleshooting are suddenly no longer done within your organization, but instead by the service provider. And most virtual services are accessed and manipulated via a web browser, a user interface that just about everyone knows how to use. This also makes your data available for high-end and granular analysis, giving you insight into trends and models that previously would have only been available with teams of analysts working months to achieve.

NSC Information Technology Group understands the costs and benefits of virtualization and can act as your guide to the consolidation of operations and unlocking the benefits of the virtual model. You can visit NSC Information Technology Group and get started today.


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