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The Hidden Benefits of Managed Services: Help Desk

One of the most desired managed services is IT Support “help desk” services. Help Desk services are the front line for users who are dealing with the myriad problems that can be associated with utilizing hardware, software, and networking services—and many small to medium businesses can’t afford a full-time help desk person or department. Hence, managed services provide help desk services as needed, rather than keeping expensive IT professionals on staff who may not be active the majority of the time.

The benefits of getting your help desk issues resolved through managed services are myriad. The first and most obvious is that you can get timely assistance for your first-level help desk issues. Less obvious is that you can get expertise on a wide variety of subjects—everything from specific application support to TCP/IP issues. The strength of managed services is that a broad scope of training can exist within the staff members of your service organization since they are not supporting a specific group of employees but can instead go “where the fires are.” This allows on-point technical savvy without spending thousands of dollars on training an employee (or employees) only to have them depart for greener pastures immediately after training is complete.

Managed help desk services are different from traditional help desk services also in the implementation of “help.” Rather than opening a ticket with your local IT staff and then waiting for a technician to drop by and chat with you, managed help desk services are performed using sophisticated remote managed services that attach directly to your user’s workstation. A skilled technician can log in, sync up with the affected user, and immediately begin diagnosing the issue in real time without having to exchange confusing back-and-forth descriptions of technical issues. The technician can confirm the issue in real time, and immediately begin executing the steps necessary to get the affected user up and running.

NSC Information Technology Group knows that your time is at least as valuable as your budget line items. Managed Help Desk services from NSC can help streamline both, with expertise applied directly at the point of need without expensive staffing, retraining, and contingency planning. Contact NSC today to begin investigating the benefits of Managed Help Desk services.

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