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The Hidden Benefits of Cloud Security

“The Cloud.” It is talked about on everything from talk shows to the WSJ and forms the backbone of every major web service from Amazon to Zoom. As a principal in your business, you might be exploring the benefits of cloud integration: reduced expenses, remote workforce support, and the like. But there are additional security benefits to cloud integration that you might not have considered.

First, is your data safe? Like, really safe? You are responsible not only for all of your customers’ data like financial transactions, but all of your company’s data like proprietary information, financial transactions, and the contents of your email and messaging systems. Moving to a reputable cloud integration service takes this worry off your plate, making the high-end security that was previously only available to the Fortune 500 now available to any business. Your data will remain secure from hackers, can easily be restored in case of inadvertent deletion or corruption, and can be archived safely for as long as you need it.

Also, are your current systems hardened against bad actors? Cyber attacks don’t always come from hacker groups trying to steal volumes of customer lists and translation data. Rivals want to know what is happening in your R&D department. Angry ex-employees may want to damage data on their way out the door. Even disgruntled consumers can easily organize events like DDoS attacks that can disrupt your operations. Distributed and secure cloud data storage can mitigate the risk of these types of threats.

Lastly, is your data up to date with local, national, and international compliance requirements? Are you maintaining sales data for the period you’ve specified to your customers? Are you purging transaction-based financial data regularly? If you are a business like a medical office or law office, are you maintaining the data required by law while making sure that data is secure? If your answer to any of these questions is “Maybe,” it is time to consider moving to cloud-based data services.

The world of “The Cloud” can seem huge and difficult to wrap your head around. Let the professionals at NSC Technology Group help you with identifying the services you need and developing a plan to implement them. Contact NSC today to take your first steps into “The Cloud.”

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