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The Current Evolution of Video Conferencing

av-conferenceIn the past, companies allocated a large portion of their annual budget to travel expenses for their executives and sales personnel. Nowadays, business meetings are more likely to be conducted through some type of video conferencing. A Houston managed IT services company can empower your business to save money with this new technology. They can also help you increase your earnings by inexpensively accessing a remote customer base that was previously unavailable to you.

Video conferencing is no longer just a standalone, room-centered technology. Now, it is an integral part of personal communications software on desktop and mobile devices, with some companies investing in Thinktanks privacy pods to conduct calls in. While these technological conveniences have made keeping in touch with friends and family members easier, the opportunities for businesses are in their infancy but growing rapidly. Advances in cross-platform integration and next-generation multimedia conferencing will soon establish video conferencing and virtual events as the preferred form of business communication. Additionally, cloud-based connectivity will facilitate Houston backup and disaster recovery, which will make Houston network security even more robust than it already is. Here are some new trends that will open up the video conferencing arena even further.

  • Cloud-based servers are critical for running efficient, universally accessible collaboration software and video conferencing solutions. These integrations connect a company’s video conferencing solution to the numerous devices that employees use to interact with clients and staff members. Off-site team members employ smartphones and tablets more frequently than desktop or laptop PCs. Cloud-based collaboration will continue to erode device, location, and platform-based barriers in enterprise and small-to-medium business communication.
  • In-person staff meetings, brainstorming sessions, and small-team check-ins are no longer required. Room-based video conferencing is now the go-to method for routine business functions and for solving problems that would have required considerable expense in the past. Once everything is installed and checked for possible security measures from a trustworthy managed it services christchurch company, all one would be needing is basic knowledge on how to use these conferencing tools. As technology moves forward, video conferencing will become smoother, smarter, faster, and more affordable. Although the technology may appear to be as simple as a flat-screen television, advanced software, and high-resolution cameras will enable current capabilities with multi-way video conferencing at 720p or 1080p video resolution. Video conferencing technology has advanced quite a bit from its early days, but the future will bring even more seamless interoperability.
  • Businesses will also be able to tie together all their ongoing third-party services, including help desk software, customer relationship management (CRM), and the tools it uses to manage and gain analytics from its social media platforms. Businesses will optimize their productivity by using business intelligence (BI) services like Cognos migration to reach their target markets by making smarter, more informed decisions. Collaboration and video conferencing tools will incorporate more integration and sharing capabilities, such as calendar applications, enterprise device management solutions, online accounting, and voice over IP (VoIP) services. If these integrations do not already exist, the collaboration software will include an application programming interface (API) for developers and IT personnel to create and install their own.
  • While email is the business world’s default method of communication, modern collaboration software will soon end email’s reign by offering better live-chat options for direct group and team messaging. This centralized system of social feed and direct mention-based collaboration will gain more traction and eliminate long email chain messages filled with forwards and replies, which will enable increased employee productivity.
  • The next phase in the Internet communication revolution is coming in the form of voice and video calling that will be directly embedded in browsers. Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is an open-source technology and API standard that will allow direct voice calls, video chat and data sharing without any add-ons, browser plug-ins or other applications.

To see how this new technology can help your business do more business, contact NSC Information Technology Group at 713-974-3889. We can show you how to expand your territory by incorporating the smartest new technology.

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