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SMART Goals—How Smart Are They?

The SMART Goal is the bane of small businesses. Anyone who has ever spent any time
developing an IT project plan has been introduced to the anagram for project goals: Specific,
Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-based. And, seriously, who among us really knows
how our latest IT project is going to line up with any of those metrics? Most of us have
businesses to run and aren’t pros at the intricacies of information technology project

But we live in a wired world. We can hardly make a sale, hire an employee, or communicate
with a customer without using information technology. So, we struggle with accounting software,
inventory databases, and networks that enable our terminals to talk to our back-end PCs. With
all that, who has time for social media, blog posts, website development, and SEO metrics?
What does that stuff even mean? And when, exactly, are we supposed to have time to, you
know, run our business and take care of our customers?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, it may be it is time to consider IT project outsourcing.

IT project outsourcing, quite simply, is hiring a team of professionals to complete some IT work
on your behalf. This can include software development, enterprise-wide updates, major
infrastructure upgrades, and similar tasks. IT outsourcing companies range from generalist “do
anything” outfits, to those who are specialized in specific niches, like accounting software
implementation or website development. Hiring a team of well-regarded Information Technology
professionals frees the business owner up to actually focus on their core competencies, rather
than trying to add yet another hat. Most of us became business owners to pursue our passions,
not to become part-time software engineers, right?

NSC Information Technology Group is experienced in IT project management and
implementation. Contact them today and get them to run your IT development project or
software rollout. Get past the SMART goals, and get back to doing what you do best: running
your business.

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