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Online Backup or Backup Disaster Recovery Solutions – Which One Is Best For You?

You cannot undermine the importance of backup. If data is not being backed up properly you are potentially at risk for not only losing valuable information, but subject to a costly attempt at recovering the data.

Adverse Effects of Not Keeping a Backup

Data backup is the processing of storing the virtual data to a separate storage location to avoid any unfortunate incident of data loss or data damage. You back up the data so it can be restored easily when your primary data is lost or damaged. Hardware costs have come down drastically. So anyone can easily afford a good backup solution. You can easily opt for a local to online cloud backup solution, depending on your requirements.

In case your business does not encompass any critical applications, your business would not be affected big time if the server is down. You can go in for online cloud backup solution, in that case. A local to online cloud backup does the following:

  1. Backs up all your raw data locally on some external hardware (data is local, but it is outside of server)
  2. Pushes copy of raw data to online cloud backup

Now, if the data gets lost, you can recover it fast from the local hardware. This is going to save your business and crucial details from the unfortunate incidents. Just make sure the backup solution you choose meets the security requirements of your company such as SAS, encryption, HIPAA, PCI, etc. so you are sure about complete safety.

The company which you opt for backup should also have data centers across the country. This is vital to ensure that in case one is down, you can access data from other centers. Most companies will have these data centers as it’s usually easier that it is all kept in a secured and centralized area. Many businesses will just add an electrical house, from companies like BMarko, to their site and then they will have a customized data center. Be sure to check that the company you use has one of these.

When to Opt for Backup Disaster Recovery Solutions?              

In case your business is based on very critical applications and you cannot afford to have your servers down, it is prudent to go in for a backup disaster recovery solution. These days’ companies face one big challenge, i.e. how to maximize their business continuity and preclude business disruption due to server failure or loss of data.

Some backup disaster recovery solutions offer super fast as well as consistent data backup, data protection and disaster recovery.

A backup disaster recovery solution takes the image of your entire server and stores the same on some external hardware. This copy of the image will then be pushed to some online cloud backup. Now, when the server is down because of any reason, whether it is physical cause or software reason, the backup file can be mounted as a virtual machine. This means, you need not reinstall your operating system, applications and server. This will save you both – time and money.

So, in short, from online backup or backup disaster recovery solutions, the selection depends on your need.

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