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Network virtualization can make your network easier to manage in two ways: by simplifying network traffic routing and simplifying network hardware management.

Network traffic routing can be simplified with software-defined networking (SDN) virtualization. In this type of virtualization, the various pieces of hardware that manage network traffic routing (firewall, load balancer, traffic analyzer, etc.) are represented as elements of a control plane in software running on a virtual machine. The network administrator can update, modify, and otherwise control these pieces of hardware within the software–without having to physically touch the hardware. This saves the network administrator significant time while allowing them to monitor and optimize your network’s traffic to a much higher level of efficiency.

Network hardware management can be simplified with network function virtualization (NFV). Each piece of hardware that provides a network function (switch, router, firewall, load balancer, etc.) is represented as an element in software that runs on a virtual machine. The network administrator can configure, provision, or otherwise manage them via the software–without needing to ever touch the physical hardware. This means that infrastructure to support a new app, for example, can be set up or changed in minutes instead of days or weeks. And the security for the infrastructure can be cloned quickly as well, ensuring it is consistent with your best practices and policies. This translates into faster provisioning and greater security. It also allows for security settings for endpoint devices to be virtualized as well, creating greater security within the network perimeter.

Virtualization can optimize networks of all sizes, providing tremendous flexibility. It also allows you to improve your company’s scalability while reducing administrative workload–without having to purchase any additional hardware.

NSC Information Technology Group offers consulting to help you determine the best use of virtualization within your company. If you would like to virtualize but aren’t sure how to integrate it into your business, we can assist you with the planning and implementation process.

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