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IaaS: The Benefits Behind the Acronym

The catchphrases and names of new technologies contained within the realm of cloud services are bewildering. With acronyms, technical terms, and new terminology, it can seem like a different language. And you don’t want to learn a new language—you just want to run a business! So, for example, what is “IaaS,” and how is it supposed to benefit your business?

“IaaS” is an acronym standing for “Infrastructure as a Service.” Where “SaaS” (Software as a Service) refers to utilizing remote servers that are hosting enterprise applications, “IaaS” actually refers to the servers themselves. This form of cloud computing provides computer, network, and storage solutions on an as-needed basis, on the basis of a monthly contract. This completely eliminates the costs of installation and ownership of expensive server architecture, and allows a business to hit the ground running with all the base-level hardware necessary to begin operations.

Utilizing IaaS confers many benefits to your business. The most immediate and obvious one is the cost savings—companies that are not spending money on hardware and network infrastructure acquisition have budgets available for things like marketing, development, and expansion. But the scalability, high-uptime, and on-demand access that come along with IaaS should not be overlooked. These are features that were historically associated with only top-end businesses with huge IT budgets, now available to just about anyone attempting to run a small business.

In short, if your business is utilizing or will be utilizing networking infrastructure, it is to your benefit to investigate IaaS. NSC Information Technology Group can answer your questions about cloud-based services and can give you all the information you need on how to get started. Contact them today and start reaping the benefits of IaaS for your business.

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