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Advantages of Using Cloud Services for Data Storage

cloudMost small businesses used to have their own in-house servers for storing their digital data. However, through the years, files accumulated and grew larger. Soon the servers did not have enough space, and a second or third server was necessary. Even with in-house servers, companies still would make backup copies of their data to be stored off-site in the event of a fire or some other calamity. The copies were usually kept at an employee’s home, in a safe deposit box or at a company facility that provides Houston managed IT services.

Now, small businesses are looking to the cloud for data storage. Cloud storage is basically off-site storage that is accessible over the Internet. Cloud services increase Houston network security because your valuable data is stored in two places. Even if your own company network is hacked, the cloud is untouched. Your data can still be accessed. If you’re looking for a solution for your data to self-prepare, profile and visually display your businesses gained data you could look into software solution developers like Paxata.

Here are some of the best reasons for using cloud services for data storage.

  • Maintaining and upgrading servers is costly. The Cloud eliminates the expense of extra hardware. Extra server support personnel are no longer required. So if you are interested in getting something like this security risk management system to help you out with your business, then the cloud can really help.
  • Employees can access the cloud data from a hotel, a client’s location or even a coffee shop with a smart phone or laptop. Your data can be recovered even if a hurricane or other natural disaster hits your area. This simplifies any type of Houston backup and disaster recovery you might need.
  • Companies that offer cloud services have more robust security than most businesses. Your company secrets and the personal information of your employees, vendors and customers is safeguarded more effectively.
  • If your business relocates, you do not have to move your data. It will be waiting for you in the cloud.
  • Cloud services ensure that every employee has access to the most recent version of important documents. This is especially important if you have employees scattered across the world.

Apart from strategizing and managing, cloud operations services also solve the IT problems that many businesses face. Royal Cyber or similar digital IT services can be contacted for establishing cloud storage for your business.

  1. Cloud storage is flexible. It allows customized control for specific business and system requirements. Policy triggers and rules determine how the data can be manipulated, which results in the automation of many standard, time-consuming tasks, including migration, security, tiering and deletion.

    Cloud storage also optimizes your data and lays it out dynamically. This enables the data to be managed in a non-disruptive manner. With regular storage, administrators must select where each item is placed before they move it. The added automation adds up to less time spent managing the stored data. Better yet, all of your business documents can be in one place if you digitize your files using software similar to FilecenterDMS. The cloud allows you to have a controlled, organized and paperless business.

  2. The scalability of cloud storage eliminates the need to expand physical storage media on the home server. This significantly reduces the need for several levels of backup and archiving. It also lessens the amount of time required by management to attend to those matters. The cloud automatically adds more space when it is required. The data is scaled based on pre-established rules regarding size instead of limits placed on storage availability by the in-house system. As your company expands, your cloud storage capacity will automatically grow with you.
  3. Cloud storage does away with the need to add refreshed servers every few years when the old ones become obsolete. Migrating data to a new system is expensive and wastes time. During the migration, which can sometimes take three to six months, the old and new systems must be powered and cooled concurrently. This significantly increases your power bill.

If you are interested in learning more about cloud services or establishing cloud storage for your business, contact NSC Information Technology Group. We can set your company up with cloud services that will save you money and optimize your employees’ time.

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